This page includes a selection of important policies from Midland Child Care Centre’s Parent Handbook, which is provided to all families upon registration. Please refer to your handbook to familiarize yourself with all of our policies.

Child Release and Pick-up Policy

Midland Child Care Centre shall only release children for pick-up to person(s) explicitly authorized by the child’s primary caregiver(s). In the event that you would like to arrange for someone else to pick up your child, please note that:

  • Parent(s) / Guardian(s) must provide the full name of the person who is authorized to pick up their child a minimum of 90 minutes before pickup time.
  • The person picking up your child must bring government-issued photo ID, and their name must match the name provided to the centre.
  • In the event that your child’s pickup is delayed for any reason, our standard LATE FEES shall be charged and must be paid immediately to the staff on duty when the child is released.
  • Parent(s) / Guardian(s) must notify the Supervisor immediately of any changes in their family’s circumstances which affect pick-up authorization. This includes events such as separation and divorce.

These policies are implemented for the safety of the children in our care. Please contact our Supervisor if you have any questions or concerns.

Late Pick-Up Fee

Late fees shall be collected when a child is not picked up by 6:00pm. Please note that factors such as weather and traffic do not qualify as exemptions from late fees.

Late fees must be paid directly to the staff who stays late with your child. Receipts are not issued for late fees. We will make every attempt to contact Parents/Guardians or emergency contact(s) after 6:00pm. Please note that in the event that your child is not picked up by 7:00pm and we are unable to reach an authorized caregiver, we are required to contact the Children’s Aid Society.

  • Between 6-7pm : $1.00 / minute
  • After 7pm : $2.00 / minute

Fee Policy

Fees will be charged and due on the 1st day of the two week period; receipt will be issued upon payment.

If payment is not received by Wednesday, $5 late payment charge will be applied on each day late. $25.00 will be charged for all returned cheques, regardless of any reason.

Absences and Child Care Fees

An absence is counted for each day that a child does not attend the centre when the daycare is open for service. This includes absences due to illness and vacation. Absences are not counted on statutory holidays, or when the centre is closed.

For full-fee children, Parent(s) / Guardian(s) must pay the full regular fee when their child is absent, regardless of the reason.

Subsidized children are permitted a maximum of 35 absent days per calendar year. Parent(s) / Guardian(s) are responsible for paying assessed fees on absence days. If a subsidized child has more than 35 absent days in a calendar year, Parent(s) / Guardian(s) are responsible for paying the full cost of care for each additional day the child is absent. Under special circumstances, such as a documented special need or serious illness, it may be permitted to apply for additional absence days. Please speak to the supervisor for details.


Products containing peanuts are not permitted at any time at our centre at any time due to the risk of severe allergic reaction. Parents and Guardians are asked to review the ingredients in all food products brought into the centre to verify that they do not containing peanuts.


Please carefully review the following if your child requires medication while in our care.

This policy has been prepared to ensure the health and safety of all children in Midland Child Care Center, as concerning the storage and use of medication. It is our policy to require that all medication in the centre, whether prescribed or over-the- counter, be properly stored to maintain its effectiveness and kept out of the reach of children in order to prevent accidental ingestion. All staff are required to follow our medication-related policies and procedures:

  1. Medication may only be administrated to a child when prior written authorization has been given by the parent(s) or legal guardian(s). The written authorization must include the name of medication(s), schedule, and dosage amount, as well as the DIN (an eight digit number) for over-counter medication.
  2. Parent(s)/guardian(s) must sign all necessary medication related forms requiring their signature. All these forms shall be retained on file with the child’s records.
  3. Any prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medication brought to the centre must be specific to the child who is to receive the medication. The following is required for all medication:
    • Prescription medication must have the original pharmacist label.
    • OTC medication must have the child’s full name on the original container, and the manufacturer’s original label with dosage, frequency, and special instructions for administration and/or storage, and expiration date must be clearly visible.
    • Medication may only be administered by a full-time ECE at the centre.
    • Medication shall not be administered if it has expired.
    • Certain medications, like puffers and epinephrine, must be administered quickly in an emergency to be fully effective. Allowing older children to carry their own emergency allergy and asthma medications allows that these medications can be administered quickly when needed.


Please note that Midland Child Care Centre is closed for service on all statutory holidays, and operates on reduced hours on selected dates.

JanuaryNew Year’s day
FebruaryFamily Day
AprilGood Friday
MayVictoria Day
JulyCanada Day
AugustCivic Holiday
SeptemberLabour Day
DecemberChristmas Eve (closes at 1:00pm)
DecemberBoxing Day
DecemberNew Year’s Eve (closes at 1:00pm)

Termination of Service

Midland Child Care centre reserves the right to terminate your child care service for any of the following reasons:

  1. Failure to comply with the day care policies.
  2. The program is determined to be unsuitable for your child’s needs.
  3. The child’s Parent(s) / Guardian(s) are unwilling to follow up on referral(s) to other services.
  4. Inappropriate behaviour by Parent(s) / Guardian(s) towards children, staff, volunteers and/or board members, including but not limited to: yelling, swearing, abusive language, intimidation/threats, and use of physical force.