Our Fees

Our centre’s fees as of September 5th, 2022 are as follows:

1½ to 2½ years old
Full-day – 7:30am to 6:00pm
$285.86 / 2 weeks *
2½ to 4 years old
Full-day – 7:30am to 6:00pm
$231.53/ 2 weeks *

* Fees include the 52.75% reduction from the CWELCC.

Please note that fees are subject to the conditions below, per our policies and Parent Handbook:

  • Fees are payable in advance bi-weekly by cheque or cash.
  • Late fees may be charged for late payment.
  • Official tax receipts will be issued by the end of February of the following year.
  • Please note that there is no reduction in fees for statutory holidays, illness, inclement weather, or unplanned absence (e.g., illness).

Child Care Fee Subsidy

Midland Child Care Centre is a government-licensed facility and is approved to provide child care services to families that quality for a fee subsidy. Please review the information and links below to learn more about the fee subsidy program.

This section summarizes information from the City of Toronto’s Child Care Fee Subsidy program and is provided for your convenience.

Links last checked: September 5th, 2022

A Child Care Fee Subsidy helps a family with the cost of licensed child care. There is a waitlist, so apply as soon as possible. You can apply for a fee subsidy as soon as you know you are pregnant or expecting a child through adoption.

The following resources are available on the City of Toronto website:

  1. Apply for a Child Care Fee Subsidy
    • Who can apply
    • How to apply
    • After applying
    • How to make changes to your application
  2. Required Documents
    • Income verification
    • Address verification
    • Identification of each family member
    • Employment documents
    • Self-employment documents
    • School verification
    • Extra support needs / Special needs documentation
    • Child custody documents
  3. Maintaining Your Child Care Fee Subsidy
    • When your child is absent from the program
    • Transferring or withdrawing your child from the program
    • What happens when your child needs to go to kindergarten
    • Every Child Belongs – our program for children with extra support needs
    • Managing your fee subsidy payments
    • What to do if you’re pregnant or expecting a child through adoption
    • What to do if you change jobs or you become unemployed
    • What you should know if you are self-employed
    • What you should know if you are a student
    • Planning for your future child care needs
  4. Reporting Changes
    • Changes to income / employment / school
    • Change in family
    • Changes to your contact information
    • How to report your changes
  5. How to Appeal a Subsidy Fee Decision
  6. Child Care Fee Subsidy Calculator
  7. Child Care Fee Subsidy Offices