Our Philosophy

Midland Child Care Centre is a non-profit learning centre offering caring support for children ages 18 months to 4 years.

It is our experience that children who succeed at learning gain valuable self-confidence, an important stepping stone to future success, moral development, and respect for others. We structure our programs to ensure that all of our children share in this experience, while also providing each child the opportunity to explore his/her unique interests.

Our activities and experiences are planned in accordance with the ELECT principles. This means that our curriculum is based on our observations of each child’s interests in both structured and unstructured settings.  Following the child’s lead, our teachers identify opportunities to develop enhanced learning activities that support creativity, exploration, and imaginative play. Our goal is to nurture each child’s emotional, social, cognitive, intellectual, creative, and physical skills in a safe, healthy, and happy, learning environment.

Midland Child Care strongly supports inclusion and diversity in the classroom. All children are made to feel they belong in the setting, and have an equal and equitable opportunity to access our programs, and to learn and grow.

Our staff and volunteers are expected to respect all children, their families, staff, and partners, and value ethnic and cultural diversity. It is our mandate to ensure that everyone in the community feels included, and that our centre provides a safe and encouraging learning environment where everyone belongs.

About Us

Midland Child Care Centre is operated by the Chung Wah Tao Tak Tong, a non profit Canadian charity founded in 1990. We are located in Scarborough just south of Steeles Ave. at 4220 Midland Ave., in a well-equipped facility with fully qualified staff who provide a warm and loving atmosphere.

We offer stimulating, educational, and creative child care programs for children 1½ to 4 years old, with care provided in three languages: English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. Children are separated by age into one of four classrooms.

Our staff are certified Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) and Early Childhood Assistants (ECAs), and come from a diverse range of cultures. We ❤️ to share our traditions (and food!) with each other.

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Our centre has an on-site kitchen and full-time chef who prepares fresh snacks and meals daily. We offer a nutritional vegetarian menu that is reviewed annually by a registered dietitian according to recommendations in Canada’s Food Guide.

We are open Monday to Friday between 7:30am and 6:00pm.

For information about early holiday closures and special events, we invite you to visit our event calendar.