Social Skills:
Children are taught to work together and resolve conflicts independently by communicating. Children learn to share and make verbal requests to each other, saying "5 minutes and then it's my turn" and similar phrases, using respectful and positive language. Children are encouraged to build relationships through participating in group games.
Self-Help Skills:
Children are encouraged to do as much as possible independently, such as toileting, dressing, and eating. By developing self-help skills, children will not only develop a strong independent spirit but will build self-esteem. Teachers serve as guides and role modeling to assist children to asserting their independence.
Physical Skills:
Children are engaged in physical activities almost all the time in the preschool room. The activities planned by our teachers are selected to build and challenge gross and fine motor skills.
Emotional Skills:
Children are supported by their teachers to build a happy, healthy, and positive self-image. 
Children also learn the following in the preschool room: 
• Counting (1 to 20)
• Number and letter recognition
• Ability to trace and copy number and letters
• Colouring pictures within the lines