grnq Our centre is operated by qualified and accredited staff.
grnq All of our E.C.E. staff are trained and certified R.E.C.E. (Register Early Childhood Educator).
grnq All of our E.C.E. and E.C.A. staff are experienced child care practitioners. Many of our staff are continuing their professional development by attending off-site workshops and training programs. Their participation in such activities helps ensure that our practices are up-to-date with the most recent recommendations in the child care field.
grnq All staff who work with children required to have a valid certification in standard CPR and First Aid training and renew it every 3 years. 
grnq Our cook has obtained the food handling certification and is approved by the centre's health inspector.
grnq Our janitor is committed to providing a safe and clean environment to our children and families.