Trips are made to places of special interest throughout the year. Advance notice is provided prior to each trip which specifies the date, departure and return times, and destination of each special event. Parents are welcome to participate and assist on these excursions. Listed below are some sample destinations:

Riverdale Farm : Recognize animals and their sounds. 

Metro Toronto Zoo : Learn about different types of animals and their sounds. 

  This entertaining show features clowns, magicians, trained circus poodles and pigeons, aerial gymnasts and more. Children and adults may also participate in workshops to learn about circus performing, and may try circus and gymnastics equipment in a fun and safe environment.  
  Children enjoy running, jumping, sliding and playing in the giant inflatables slide, obstacle courses, and jousting coliseum. They can also play mini-golf in an exciting glow-in-the-dark facility.  


Every year we invite special guests to attend Midland Child Care Centre. Children have opportunities to learn from many people in the community, including:  

We plan many special activities throughout the year, such as face painting, picnics, special fun days, music day, and more!